Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Can he perform?


Let's see now...

To perform wisely(or at least provide User Experience the attention it deserves...for once!!...)  ahem

...requires professional webhosting. On a shoestring. Less, actually! Therefor my reasoning in having backed up just ONE more time before 'calling it' a Web Presence(worth attracting attention to anyway): which speaks to scheduling*, which requires description of Goals,
which requires my explanation of why it means the rest of my life.

and of course, a cohesive plan of delivery. It seems I've found some weaknesses!
(Oh, and it's true, I've held all goods, paperwork and materials/folders from the previous adventure, so it should all prove out well! *In fact here's a little surprise: I've kept nearly EVERY BEAD and cane, slice, etc., from the Shut Down (eight years ago). get why it's a little troubling figuring out where to begin. lol

So. The website is not only built now, it is bootstrapped. So wherever I continue this from, I can admin the whole works for all devices.

If you don't know what that means, it's nothing scary. lol

Friday, March 3, 2017

"Half-measures availed us nothing..."

During the process of learning to truly launch an important polymer clay "thing", and at the same time gaining not only the basic certainty that I lacked but also the certainty to go ALL IN, certain things have had to wait.

But I'm catching up fast.
The "hard" work is finally paying off.
Starting to make canes again.
Starting to feel like living again!

It feels like nine years of hell has come to an end.
(It could have been much worse, but in hindsight, it certainly was hell!)

I always have gotten a sort of morbid satisfaction out of proving a lot of people wrong.
However, along with inner confidence in finally having turned the corner,
I've found that it's more important to simply prove the important people right.

I think it night just turn out fine in the end, and for me, that's quite a new feeling...
I couldn't allow myself the freedom to simply choose until I'd learned to choose to simply let go.

I have Love.
I see Light.
I gather Spirit.
...but most of all, I keep moving forward.

So anyway, here's a little bit of "catch-up" on the slice collection that I had planned to use to blog my way slowly back into a life process that I could live with.

But hey, all in means just what it says. Right?

But, this is not even close to half of my millefiori slice collection.
It's on my project list to turn this into a Link Map, so that you can press each slice for articles, captions or further info.

I'll try to have the rest sorted out soon, although I'll probably post the remainder on the website.

(Currently staging a Whole New Launch.)


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slice Log:

You're probably going to want to bookmark this, so I should take the opportunity to say that my site is back into Prelaunch!

Beadopolis LIVES!!


As expected, each and every slice prettymuch has a name due to its being locked in time somewhere back there. Guess I could have dated them sooner, somehow.
Guess "random" works best...sometimes?!

I'll do some different stuff with these, and speed up the presentation somewhat...add some drums, for sure... (:

 I figured out early that reduction was basically everything.

Polymer Millefiori - Repitition.

  Ancient shiftings...
More Chop!

 This one illustrates well how adding a Little Bit Thicker Border
can preserve design somewhat without having to pack background color between...
Space and Pressure...

We did LOTS of Yin Yang!
I came up with a formula for the YY part itself!!

 Celtic Checkerpaint.

Just Go With It.


Fractured Four

*Pre* Canin' Able! (Done about 20 years ago.)
Okay, now that I feel just a bit ahead on this, I can concentrate on The Habit Itself, and face this fear daily, if possible. I have other places that I'll be working hard writing in, so hope to see you there as things finally click.


Being that it's really about "repository" than Doggin' For Hits or whatever,
I will simply add a month's worth of slices to 12 posts...Make it easier on your Bookmarks, too.