Quantum Leap

So, it turns out that part of living is transition. I've always feared change due to the fact that we moved around a fair bit in my younger days. So this whole 'process' of setting long term goals and expecting to reach them was somewhat daunting to me...because neither could I put the past behind.

But, I've begun toward an end, and now it's time to celebrate the end of that beginning, and move on.

You see, a great deal has taken place -in relative solitude- reaching toward "what should be" has apparently borne something that now can be. It actually feels like I'm doing some things right again!

This ain't so hard!!

Anyway, I aimed to keep this short...

My Big Scary Long Term Blogging Goal:
For the next 365 days, I will post a millefiore slice each day and say something about it. About my day. About whatever.

And I'll leave it there, as is.

I'm sure that the exercise in consistency will do me good.





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