Can he perform?


Let's see now...

To perform wisely(or at least provide User Experience the attention it deserves...for once!!...)  ahem

...requires professional webhosting. On a shoestring. Less, actually! Therefor my reasoning in having backed up just ONE more time before 'calling it' a Web Presence(worth attracting attention to anyway): which speaks to scheduling*, which requires description of Goals,
which requires my explanation of why it means the rest of my life.

and of course, a cohesive plan of delivery. It seems I've found some weaknesses!
(Oh, and it's true, I've held all goods, paperwork and materials/folders from the previous adventure, so it should all prove out well! *In fact here's a little surprise: I've kept nearly EVERY BEAD and cane, slice, etc., from the Shut Down (eight years ago). get why it's a little troubling figuring out where to begin. lol

So. The website is not only built now, it is bootstrapped. So wherever I continue this from, I can admin the whole works for all devices. (That is to say, it's solid, but not particularly "pretty" quite yet...)

If you don't know what that means, it's nothing scary...I simply decided on what works and works for all.


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