So before I forget about it, I need to address the past 'schmozz' with CraftEdu...

I was invited, I came, I checked, I read the contract(a fine one, I suppose! Whatever!), and I chose not to sign that contract, but to "suffer my own path." Not that you care, but it was the responsible decision for that time, and -for all it matters- a good one! Simply for my having chosen to explore my own options, I'm getting the Iggy-deal? What?! lol!

Despite numerous social cross-references(ie:// "Friends In Common) I've said nothing on this matter before. I even went to some trouble to apologize for any confusion or hard feelings, but no reply as yet. Maybe I cost somebody's precious time, or maybe something occurred that was not for my comprehension or even my concern... Perhaps for the better, perhaps the worse!!

But I did not retain my creative independence at such personal cost in order to be dissed, bullied, manipulated, or even spoken of incorrectly, so I'll take this one time to be quite clear:  

I don't lose sleep over it! But...
I don't like control freaks, and I have no time for babbling ninnies. That's why I became -and remain- an independent artist. In fact that's partly why I chose polymer clay as a medium to begin with! It's way below me(hence, this post coming years later) to have to explain or justify my simply wanting to live my own life and do things my own way.

Your causation of such petty divisiveness is yours to bear, and frankly, I don't give a damn. I'm PROUD to have no affiliations, if affiliation means clique-ism. And you, Dear Reader...In the end you'll be glad that there are at least a few mavericks left in (any) industry to keep the marginalization-crap in check.

There. Enough already, but it needed saying.


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