Creating Choice

Are Ya'?
...Or Aren't Ya'?

See, I am preparing quite a surprise for all of you(yes, You!) who've continued to trust that(procrastination, addiction, and sheer terror of success aside) I've always meant what I've said.

But it required context, so here goes...

Each choice carries with it more power than we'll ever realize. So, while the worst 'mistake' may be in thinking that that "power" is ours alone, the next-worst is surely in avoiding those choices altogether. We can affect change in our lives and the world with each and every breath, and once realizing that, we make more certain choices. Sometimes they're wiser, sometimes they're deadlier, but they are a gift either way in that(God willing) they're ours alone to make.

Those of us 'gifted' with choices must owe something to those short of them. Not felt as some debt, but as a "space" that we keep inside of us. A safe spot where we can let people -and things- just be. The big, bad ol' world shrinks by quite a bit when we account for that, and we can be graciously and humbly motivated toward what I would only sum up as a whole different life vibration, in spirit, not merely through calculated "pie in the sky" streams of perfect decision-making.

I don't claim to possess or control that, but I have come to know that accepting its omnipresence can be enough to make miracles not only possible, but occur...enough to allow for at least the conductivity of something bigger and better than we can possibly ever know. For enough power lies therein for us to change not just ourselves...but everything.

While I was afraid that I might finish the job of destroying myself(yes...), my shame is more in not having sooner addressed the fact that I've only been doubting my God, and one of the best men that I've ever known. That others can -and do- in fact actually love me. That the worst burden can be in having FAR too much to give.

Okay...So, what about this surprise? :)

Well, I've come to a decision regarding my business, my life, and that Big ol' World out there... It will take a SMALL bit of time to mark out a pathway, but I think that something as...well, as basically miraculous as my Canin' Able Method should be introduced for FREE. 

Don't you? :)

Crazy? Somewhat...perhaps!
Decisive? Yep!
Timely? (Not my call...)

World! Friends!...

Happy Christmas Time!

(...keep them fingers warm, eh!)



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