"Half-measures availed us nothing..."

During the process of learning to truly launch an important polymer clay "thing", and at the same time gaining not only the basic certainty that I lacked but also the certainty to go ALL IN, certain things have had to wait.

But I'm catching up fast.
The "hard" work is finally paying off.
Starting to make canes again.
Starting to feel like living again!

It feels like nine years of hell has come to an end.
(It could have been much worse, but in hindsight, it certainly was hell!)

I always have gotten a sort of morbid satisfaction out of proving a lot of people wrong.
However, along with inner confidence in finally having turned the corner,
I've found that it's more important to simply prove the important people right.

I think it night just turn out fine in the end, and for me, that's quite a new feeling...
I couldn't allow myself the freedom to simply choose until I'd learned to choose to simply let go.

I have Love.
I see Light.
I gather Spirit.
...but most of all, I keep moving forward.

So anyway, here's a little bit of "catch-up" on the slice collection that I had planned to use to blog my way slowly back into a life process that I could live with.

But hey, all in means just what it says. Right?

But, this is not even close to half of my millefiori slice collection.
It's on my project list to turn this into a Link Map, so that you can press each slice for articles, captions or further info.

I'll try to have the rest sorted out soon, although I'll probably post the remainder on the website.

(Currently staging a Whole New Launch.)



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