I'll just start out randomly.

Hard to get excited about stuff that's been boxed up for years. In fact, I'm suddenly hating this project for all the memories that will be dredged up along the way...

But maybe it will turn out to be a worthwhile exercise. So here I go.

One of my favorites...mainly for it's "burst" effect(and I like purple).

In a new article by Lisa Clarke(Polka Dot Cottage) on repurposing canes, she quotes artist Judy Belcher as saying, "Even crap is beautiful tessellated." And it's quite true!

So let's just break this crap down somewhat...lol

One quarter of above millefiori cane.

Anyway, I'll get better at blogging good stuff. It's an art in itself, and I'm looking forward to it. Just really low on energy right now.

I've had to start my whole life again...so this is small taters! lol



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