Time Flies, but so do I !

The website is https://beadopolis.ca
You may recall my main website: www.customMadeBe@ds.com? Well, I was asleep at the switch one day -or one decade- and I guess the "hawks" got it.  Oh well, I've lost practically everything before. I'll just have to get over that one too.

I will be frank. I don't know where actual money will come from. People likely think I am greedy for not sharing, but it's actually the exact opposite. It was fear. Don't ask about what. All kinds of stuff! All I know is that it's not fair for the world not to have this, and that I am less and less afraid to let stuff just...HAPPEN.

(Oh, and I'll be audio-blogging much of this in the coming days, so you can absorb me oh-so-much more profoundly! Or just avoid it altogether! lol)

So I hope some brave souls who would like to 'quietly' take part for the first week or two, or at least confirm that my plan is in fact SANE(!) Those that help layout content and provide me with objective feedback/consumer expectations/etc. will find that there is plenty of room for reward in my new Platform. If you're wondering what such a thing will cost you, we could quickly agree on a discounted membership fee to alleviate any "birth pains", but more importantly if you would seriously like to work at this with me longterm, I'm here to discuss.

NDA's First! How would you like to help FINALLY "complete" The Canin' Able Project? (I have a feeling that it will be more of a beginning than a conclusion!)

Just thinking out loud as I complete the pre-launch strategy. Thankfully, I am still "un-encumbered" by agreements(other than to the Original Group). No holding back.


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