Looking Forward to 2015

 During the 'long silence' I've been studying everything from Alcoholism to Zen...and people from Alberta to New Zealand. In fact, I have probably put more time and faith into this now than I can ever probably justify.

Bu this is really the part that eats at me: so many people could have had their lives changed, their art improved, money made... So many people could have been doing great things with Canin' Able all this time! At the risk of being melodramatic- I will take that to my grave, I'm certain. And I am truly very sorry.

 But enough on that. I won't dwell in the past, but I was beholden to mark the re-start of this blog by at least reminding myself how I feel now, and how close I came to not being around to write about it. Besides, apologies are best made through actions, so this blog will henceforth be about progress. (:

 My main objective for the site will be to properly encapsulate The Canin' Able Project into a secure home for those using it.

 As any Non-disclosure Member can well attest to, the "Tutorial" that was Canin' Able raised so many questions! Suffice to say that the amount of specialized writing, communication and material involved were not for a single .PDF file. With that said, the process was sufficient to see people dig in and go to it anyway, and with some fantastic results!

I have been thinking hard and planning(yes, obsessing) around what's about to come -for a long time now. Too long.


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